Post Notification is the internet notification center. Let’s agree that not only is there a lot of information on the internet, but it is also scattered all over.

In order to save you time from the tedious search-click-search-click process, Post Notification collects all of the latest heavily influential topics of our modern society from your favorite websites into one place. There is nothing more amazing than finding a range of interesting stories and topics in one place through scrolling.

Post Notification provides an overview of the latest dominant pop culture topics published by online content providers in the categories of Entertainment : Movies, Music, Celebrity, Videos, Photos and in : Sports, News, Life, Fashion, Finance, Travel, Technology, Viral, DIY and so much more.

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In fact we don’t give money for free. We make money from displaying advertisements on our website. Our income depends on you and how many people you can invite from your URLs. We divide half of our income to pay you and your friends. It’s just and fair, no one is screwed.

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You can request payment when your balance has reached the minimum withdrawal threshold of $50 .

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